Falcon Red by HOVERBOARD®

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Product Details

Falcon Red by HOVERBOARD®

The official Electric Falcon Red scooters by HOVERBOARD® A new Edition the HOVERBOARD® Family! With a ultra-sleek design that is made to ride better on ground and be more advanced in turning sharp corners with its curved and smooth base. This unique design for the Falcon by HOVERBOARD® is perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use, any flat surface can be sped across on this Awesome HOVERBOARD®! You will never want to get off! The Falcon by HOVERBOARD® comes with LED Lighting and Bluetooth as standard, with tough solid 6.5 Inch Wheels to accompany its beautiful design! This HOVERBOARD® is a brilliant model for both Beginners and Pro HOVERBOARD® Riders! Not only that but comes in a range of designs and colours including this Black One! To make your experience and HOVERBOARD® really stand out!
Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® products meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before selling.

Package Comes With:

  • CE Certified UK Charger
  • Certified Battery
  • Carry Bag
  • User Manual


  • 100% safe UK Certified hoverboard that will last up to 2X longer and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations!
  • Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) - almost double the power! It can be charged over 2000 times!
  • Quad Shield Technology
  • Control Board: 2 Precision Circuit Boards Maximum Speed: 16KM/H
  • Up to 2 Hours of use per charge
  • Estimated Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Hoverboard Size: 21.6"" x 7.3"" x 7.0""
  • Hoverboard Weight: 12KG
  • Motor Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
  • Wheel Size: 6.5"" Diameter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • LED Lighting
  • Eco Friendly Green Technology

Contact Details

Tel: 0121 288 6446

Rating & Reviews

Just checked other websites and this is by far one of the cheapest. Damn stupid people thinking they can scam us into buying one for upwards of £1,000!!!! They're the same quality, style etc. but a hell of a lot cheaper here. GET YOURS FROM HERE LIKE I DID!

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  • Jess Williams-Court

So me and one of my girls decided to split the money and buy a board to share. As soon as we got it, we noticed a small scratch on the left of the board just above the wheel so we rung customer services and they got it exchanged straight away with no hassle. Although our problem was minor it was still handled appropriately. Very pleased with this.

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  • Samantha Robinson

Need to get another !! Just showed my mom the one I want for Christmas - fingers crossed!

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  • Eleanor Greenwood

Bought this for my little boy. He loves it just as much as his daddy does!

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  • Dev Lucas

Little bro is very into cars and bikes so I bought him one and he really likes it! Glad I trusted this site.

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  • Martin Kimbo

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