Drifter Red Urban Camo by HOVERBOARD®

Product Code : H8-RED CAMO

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  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED Lights
  • CE Certified UK Charger
  • Max Speed 12KM/H
  • 8.5" Wheel Size
  • Free Carry Bag

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Product Details

Drifter Red Urban Camo HOVERBOARD®

The official Electric Red Urban Camo Drifter scooters by HOVERBOARD® is a seriously one of the most practical electric boards by HOVERBOARD®. With huge 8.5 inch Wheels and off road capabilities this is truly a prize balancing board by HOVERBOARD®. Tear up on smooth or rough terrain with this magnificent balancing board by HOVERBOARD®, a true testament to the official HOVERBOARD® name. Not only does it have an amazing grip and functionality, the Electric Drifter scooters by HOVERBOARD® has a built-in Bluetooth system, so you can blast tunes as you spin round on your Drifter by HOVERBOARD®. Another unique key feature of the Drifter by HOVERBOARD® is the size which allows you to ride this off road and complete with inflatable non-solid tyres. The new 8.5” model comes with a lifted body and wheels that are almost twice as large as the classic one. The Drifter by HOVERBOARD® has a certified battery.

The Drifter by HOVERBOARD® challenges the most uneven terrains such as dirt roads or grass… It no problem for this tank of a HOVERBOARD®.  Go up and over curbs without having to get off your HOVERBOARD® and enjoy an even smoother ride!
Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® Products meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before selling.

Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before selling. 
This model has now been upgrade with the auto-balance feature. 
Please note that the HOVERBOARD® logo is not on the board and is only there for image copyright purposes. 

Package Comes With:

  • CE Certified UK Charger
  • Carry Bag
  • User Manual

Drifter by HOVERBOARD®

  • 100% safe UK Certified Balancing Board by HOVERBOARD® that will last up to 2X longer and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations!
  • Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) - almost double the power! It can be charged over 2000 times!
  • Quad Shield Technology
  • Multi-Terrain Off Road Tires
  • Control Board: 2 Precision Circuit Boards
  • Maximum Speed: 12KM/H
  • Up to 2 Hours of use per charge
  • Estimated Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Balancing Board Size: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0"
  • Balancing Board Weight: 13KG
  • Motor Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
  • Wheel Size: 8.5" Diameter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Eco Friendly Green Technology
  • Auto-Balance
  • Fast Charge 

Contact Details

Tel: 0121 288 6446

Rating & Reviews

Seriously awesome product and i cant get over how serious this looks man - Straight 5 stars from me

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  • Grim T

Good product, delivery could of bee quicker. But happy with product once received.

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  • Christine Boyed

Product provided with the right certificates and Uk STANDRADs which makes me feel lot safer allowing my children to ride on these hoverboards. After extensive research I believe this company is the best company to purchase you Hoverboards from

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  • Carrie

The best of the best product ranges when it comes to choosing an Hoverboard and the one I got I fell in love the design and functionality instantly!

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  • Dec Patton

I love this Segway, I love the beefiness of it, I love the camo and colour, I love the mud flaps on the side, I just all-round think this type of hoverboard is one of the best on site! Please keep bringing more of these drifter boards out please.

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  • RedDevil890

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