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October 8, 2020

What's The Best Segway HOVERBOARD®?

The first thing to consider before buying a segway is safety. To avoid a fire risk, make sure that it has a relevant certification. The device should meet the UL standard, which assesses the safety of such vehicles and their charger systems. Another thing you should take into consideration is how reliable the construction of the device is. The frame should be made from robust material while the wheels should be large enough and durable. HOVERBOARD®® is the best place…

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November 16, 2020

Top 10 Official HOVERBOARD® In UK

The more, the merrier; by following this golden rule, UK#1 Official HOVERBOARD® is going to launch the most exclusive HOVERBOARD® and kart bundle this Month. No need to look for a best HOVERBOARD® and kart separately when HOVERBOARD® has a brilliant bundle for you. Enjoy your vacation days while hovering around, and without thinking how much is a HOVERBOARD®, we’ve always got your back. Our exclusive bundle deals will save you some precious bucks and let you enjoy go-kart races…

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October 8, 2020


Not every HOVERBOARD® is appropriate for kids or children; some HOVERBOARD® are large, heavy, difficult to operate and are capable of traveling quite fast. Luckily, some HOVERBOARD® manufacturers are making smaller, lighter, and slower HOVERBOARD® with kids in mind. When shopping for kids look for HOVERBOARD® with 6.5″ wheel sizes or smaller. They are lighter, making them easier for your children to carry and the small wheel sizes make them easier to maneuver by smaller riders. View a Fantastic range…

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February 28, 2020


Drifter Black Best HOVERBOARD® Of 2020 The Drifter is easily our top pick because it is so versatile and well rounded. It has all of the features that riders want. With a powerful motor 8.5-inch solid rubber tires, durable build quality, and Bluetooth speakers, this two-wheeler is built for fun. It has an excellent speed therefore this ride will get you where you are going fast. It is durable, with plenty of foot room and stylish. This model is also…

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November 5, 2019

HOVERBOARD® Featured in National Press

Vanguard Feature One of our most popular Balance Board’s by HOVERBOARD®® that we sell, the Vanguard was featured in an article by the The Standard and this is what they had to say about it: Our Eco-Friendly Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD®® are all designed the same internally. This makes all our Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD®® extremely safe while maintaining a very fun ride. The clean air emitted from the dual motor Balance Board by HOVERBOARD®® has been tested to…

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April 8, 2019

Looking After Your HOVERBOARD®

A HOVERBOARD® is like a bike in the sense that you would still need clean and check up on it. Maintaining such a product is all part of having a HOVERBOARD®. So, here are some ways you can make sure your HOVERBOARD® product is well maintained.    Regularly clean the Boards outer shell (Plastic) and the wheels of the HOVERBOARD®. The Wheels, which are at the base of the HOVERBOARD® with a light sponge or cloth which is slightly damp,…

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April 4, 2019

Why Does a HOVERBOARD® Have Bluetooth and How Does It Work?

Most HOVERBOARD® products of ours do come with Bluetooth functionality. HOVERBOARD® products with Bluetooth have the ability to play music and sounds from your smartphone device. The Bluetooth receiver is connected to speakers which are built within the HOVERBOARD® product. Unlike most devices which require an activation for the Bluetooth within the product after being initially activated or turned on you do not need to switch the Bluetooth on manually with our HOVERBOARD® products, as soon as you power up…

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March 25, 2019

What Is The HOVERBOARD® Weight Limit?

So, some questions that have popped up is surely everybody is not suitable to ride or use a HOVERBOARD®, and how much can the HOVERBOARD® withstand? Can someone possibly exceed the weight limit on a HOVERBOARD®? There is a range of questions which surround this topic. Before we reveal the answer to this, there are some factors you need to consider for both a person and a HOVERBOARD®. So, HOVERBOARD® products come in Different shapes and sizes. The Drifter HOVERBOARD®

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March 12, 2019

What is the lifetime of a single HOVERBOARD® and how long does it last?

Durability is a big thing when it comes to gadgets of today, especially with how expensive things are these days such as Game consoles, Televisions, Cars etc… Everything comes with guarantees and warranties.  Here at HOVERBOARD®, we have a year guarantee on all of our HOVERBOARD® products that we sell and with the buying power from our amazing customers we can offer the best and most competitive price on our HOVERBOARD® products.   However back to the main point, typically…

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March 7, 2019

Why do we call them HOVERBOARD® if they don’t hover?

Quite a common question and the answer is really that’s not the official name for them. It is actually a self-balancing scooter or a smart balance wheel. But they are many names for these devices such as Swegway HOVERBOARD®, Segway, self-balance board… They’re are loads and just like that we own the domain to the name HOVERBOARD® and our products are the official HOVERBOARD® products.   But why do we call them HOVERBOARD®? Other then it being the name of…