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blog calendar July 19, 2021

What is a segway go kart?

The kart attachment for the segway will turn your board into a segway go kart. It consists of the seat, kart frame, a pair of arm controllers and kart wheels. The go kart is steers easily using the arm controller, by pushing them forward will…

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blog calendar July 15, 2021


Drifter Black Best HOVERBOARD® Of 2021   The Drifter is easily our top pick because it is so versatile and well rounded. It has all of the features that riders want. With a powerful motor 8.5-inch solid rubber tires, durable build quality, and Bluetooth speakers,…

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blog calendar July 13, 2021

Looking After Your HOVERBOARD®

A HOVERBOARD® is like a bike in the sense that you would still need clean and check up on it. Maintaining such a product is all part of having a HOVERBOARD®. So, here are some ways you can make sure your HOVERBOARD® product is well…

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blog calendar July 7, 2021

What Is The HOVERBOARD® Weight Limit?

So, some questions that have popped up is surely everybody is not suitable to ride or use a HOVERBOARD®, and how much can the HOVERBOARD® withstand? Can someone possibly exceed the weight limit on a HOVERBOARD®? There is a range of questions which surround this…

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blog calendar July 1, 2021

What is the lifetime of a single HOVERBOARD® and how long does it last?

Durability is a big thing when it comes to gadgets of today, especially with how expensive things are these days such as Game consoles, Televisions, Cars etc… Everything comes with guarantees and warranties.  Here at HOVERBOARD®, we have a year guarantee on all of our…

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blog calendar July 9, 2021

Where are all our HOVERBOARD® Made in China?

Despite the fact all of our HOVERBOARD® products are certified as complying with the EU safety regulations, and follow all safety regulations that UK products require before being sold to the public, our HOVERBOARD® products are actually made in China. China is the most recognised…

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blog calendar July 5, 2021

Seven Reason Why You Should Buy a HOVERBOARD® Product

They are many reasons to purchase the latest craze in gadgets on the streets, apart from the sheer awesomeness of these amazing products lets us here at HOVERBOARD® list you the many reasons why you should invest in purchasing a HOVERBOARD® product. Saving the environment……

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blog calendar July 14, 2021

Safety Equipment For Your HOVERBOARD® Experience

We always recommend safety equipment when using any of our HOVERBOARD® products, especially if you are an amateur or new user to HOVERBOARD® products. Fortunately for all our good customers out there we offer PPE for HOVERBOARD® on the website.   The question you may…

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blog calendar July 4, 2021

Are HOVERBOARD® Hard To Ride?

This topic is one of those topics that will depend on the type of person you are. You will find with patience and practice you will get the hand of it pretty quickly, people who just want to jump on and be off and rushing…

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blog calendar July 18, 2021

Cyber Week Deals HOVERBOARD®

We got some really hot deals this week for our fantastic Cyber Monday and Cyber Week Deals! Check out some of our amazing bundle deal with up to 57% off selected bundles! And by selected bundles we mean every single board with a kart! All…

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blog calendar July 17, 2021

5 Most Expensive HOVERBOARD®

  How much they will cost: these HOVERBOARD® cost a whopping £3,775 each!   ‘Mark Cuban’s HOVERBOARD®’ will cost £1,299’. 6 July 2017.   HOT DEAL ‘The Halo Rover’ ‘Who it’s for: Parents who are buying one for their kids. How much will it cost:…

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blog calendar July 1, 2021

Transform Your Balancing Scooter into a Hoverkart

If you think transforming your balancing scooter into a hoverkart was expensive, or complex, you need to check out the hoverkarts on offer from HOVERBOARD® With our simple and cost effective hoverkart additions, anyone can easily transform a HOVERBOARD®® into a stylish hoverkart. Once you’ve…

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