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Best Hoverboard UK - With Highest Quality & Safety

Offical HoverBoards in UK avaiable odddn best prices - Hot Deals for hoverboard & hoverkart bundle products
Don’t look any further for your custom, exclusive, self-balancing board by real HOVERBOARDS. These exciting self balancing boards are the pinnacle of the future in day to day travel. This can be used for fun or business. You are on the official hoverboard online store, selling the best & official hoverboards in the UK. Not only these self balancing electric scooters are available at the best price but also with the best quality wheel board uk. Just shop to enjoy the real life fun with the real hover board. The best UK Certified i Hoverboard with lights are all available to purchase in different models. Buy hoverboard from a British company such as best place to buy a segway board hoverboards.co.uk 

Fly Plus, Trek & Vanguard board with 6.5” wheels

Suitable for the kids and for someone who is starting the journey of fun rides. Three different types help parents to choose the best king hoverboards for their kids. These are available in a bundle with hoverkart.
All terrain hoverboard Drifter with 8.5" wheels
Suitable for teenagers to take fun to the next level. Hoverboard World Bundle deals with the beautiful hoverkart makes it easy for pocket and adds one more thing to fun.
The Monster Hoverboard with 10" wheels.
Really monsters to enjoy the off road rides, the hoverboard reviews by experts love to ride it. It's also available with hoverkarts at special discounted prices.

How Fast are the Hoverboards?

The i Hoverboards can go upto 12KM/H. That will depend on who the user is, where it is used and how it is being used. On a flat smooth ground you will get a faster performance. With a Hoverkart you can get real momentum and a faster speed. With 2 x 350 motors in each wheel you have a great change of getting the 12KM/H.
The Self Balancing Electric Hoverboard with Style & Comfort
Imagine, riding a balancing scooter gives you a smooth ride when you are at max speed. The bluetooth speakers are making the ride more smooth even at the top speed. Don't hesitate, just shop for the official hoverboards by paying the best hoverboard price from the trusted online store. The customisation in features, you could think of on your specialist balance board, is equipped with all possible features. No need to worry about more customisation. Buy Hoverboards UK self-balancing boards come in a range of looks like Camo, Chrome, Rainbow, Graffiti, and loads more! With a range of colours to suit and specifications to boast about.
"These amazing little machines are the best of the best and you don’t want to miss out on one, furthermore, you don’t want to miss out on our great prices and out of this world deals with these great products"

Long Lasting Batteries, Bluetooth & LED Lights - Advances The Quality of Hoverboard’s Ride

We specialise in the 2 wheel self-balancing boards. We offer the finest quality electric HOVERBOARDS® self balancing boards you will ever own! We are renowned for supplying the safest R1 electric scooters that are designed with high-quality components. Some Hoverboards from Hoverboards.co.uk are powered with the high powered Li-ion Samsung Battery Cells 36V 4.4AH. However they are all CE tested to ensure a great battery. The ride is not only smooth and enjoyable but also the balancing board is durable and long lasting because of Samsung batteries. All the rolab hoverboards are made of the finest quality components. We have both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth Boards. These self balancing two wheeler comes with stylish LED lighting and different sized rims. You could also travel in style while listening to your favorite music with the built-in Bluetooth systems. There is no better time to purchase one of our spectacular Self-Balancing swegway HOVERBOARDS® products. Safety is our priority to make sure that everyone is able to ride without fear. our flagship off-road hover boards Drifter & Monster, definitely, the leaders of the industry. These durable off road electric scooters are built with high-quality components.

Best Hoverboard Deals In the UK

Looking forward toward our goal of customer delight, fantastic hoverboard christmas sale or deals are offered to make your purchases at the best prices. The best price offered is not only on the hoverboards itself, but also on the combination of hoverboard and hoverkart. Hot deal section provides you with the best discounted price. One of the best Hoverboard bundle deals that can be found in the UK is the Fly Plus & hoverkart from Hoverboards.co.uk. This great deal offers another way to have fun. And it takes 30 seconds to mount and dismount the hoverkart and hoverboard. All of the Segways from hoverboard retailers near me online store Hoverboards.co.uk are compatible with the Hoverkarts. This includes the All Terrain hoverboard model, the Drifter. The Multi Terrain hoverboard model, the Monster and the Vanguard model which also has 6.5” wheels. These are the best balancing scooters or hoverboards for kids.

Best Selling Black Friday Hoverboards 2023

Our best selling Hoverboard over this busy Black Friday was the 6.5” Fly Plus. The colour choice and various design patterns with chrome wheels offers a range of selection to buyers. The majority of these were sold as  bundle deals with the Classic and Pro Hoverkart. Our Multi-Terrain, Drifter, was the second most popular balance board black friday Hoverboard that we sold over this record-breaking Black Friday. With a lot of customers looking for an Off-Road hoverboard, the Drifter was always a popular choice. Vanguard is with 6.5" wheels, comes in various solid colours and was also a very popular seller during Black Friday with many customers looking to fit different Hoverboards in their £200 budget. Our biggest wheel model is the 10” Monster. This was mainly for a specific customer who were after a Hoverboard that would be used in various rougher terrains which this 10” Hoverboard is more suited for.

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