Why choose HOVERBOARD®

Our HOVERBOARD® products offer an eco-friendly, fun and low cost transport method no matter where you want to go. Our HOVERBOARD® boards are extremely easy to use and do not require you to pay any additional maintenance costs. Additionally, at HOVERBOARD® we have the highest quality and safest products available on the market with our entire range of products having all of the necessary EU certifications to ensure a safe product and safety for the user. Every single component within our HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS has been crafted to perfection ensuring a long lasting, winning product at every purchase.

Here at HOVERBOARD®, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and best-value balance scooters on the market. Our entire range of electronic boards are designed with two wheels making them the highest quality in terms of design and technology.

All of our razor scooter HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS are renowned for being designed with only the safest components and all are certified as being compliant with the necessary EU safety regulations. We at HOVERBOARD® stock a vast range of self balancing scooters and all of which contain their own high-tech features including LED lights and are extremely affordable, even with the time, effort and technology that has gone into creating every self-balancing board in our range. These advanced, high-tech features make the Swegway HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS extremely advanced and offer exceptional value for money.

Our range of products includes the HOVERBOARD® basic Fly model all the way up to the advanced Hoverboards Monster, ideal for the more advanced user. In addition to all of this, we offer a one year minimum guarantee on all of our different products ensuring that you as the customer get a flawless product and fantastic service every time you use HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS. Our entire range of products are very affordable and have had a vast amount of time, effort and technology gone into each product in order to give the perfect end result.

HOVERBOARD® guarantees to supply you with a perfect product every time.

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 Why Buy From Us

  • We are the ONLY official HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS seller in the UK – be careful of counterfeit sellers
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all products
  • With our buying power we can offer you, the customer amazing products at amazing prices
  • All stock is all based in the UK
  • Repair Centre in the UK if anything needs to be put right
  • Supply the safest and certified HOVERBOARD® PRODUCTS
  • UK based customer services centre


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