Off Road HOVERBOARD® 10 Inch

Off-road self-balancing scooters are created with the ability to roll in the grass, gravel and other surfaces smoothly. HOVERBOARD® 10 Inch uk comes with its unique shape, strong power, fast speed and sturdy structure can overcome any obstacle or territory.  10 inch HOVERBOARD® off road - now you can ride on unpaved surfaces easliy. It is Wheel Self balancing , it is more safe, easy to ride, and not easy to fall down for new riders. Speed, range, and battery life specifications are great on this HOVERBOARD® segway 10 inch. It even features the amazing construction and Samsung battery.

10 inch HOVERBOARD® for sale

10 inch wheels HOVERBOARD® with so many colour choices available to the customer with various patterns and Chrome designs, there was a lot of availability to the customer. The majority of these were sold 10 inch HOVERBOARD® wheel with Bundle deals with the Classic hoverboard christmas sale and 10 inch wheels Hoverkart and Pro Hoverkart.

10 inch HOVERBOARD® and kart

A 10 inch HOVERBOARD® uk has lots of advantages – They handle the road and grass much better, have lots of power and they handle heavier weights. At HOVERBOARD you will find 10 inch HOVERBOARD® with bluetooth speakers embedded. The battery is made by Samsung and meets the industry’s new safety requirements, so no instantaneous flames here. It comes in different colours but our most popular one is a 10 inch black HOVERBOARD® and kart. You can browse through our amazing collection. 10 inch all terrain HOVERBOARD® price - find your suitable HOVERBOARD® at a genuine price. These HOVERBOARD® have a highly durable construction and  Long battery life. It has a decent charging time upto 2 hours only. t also has app control features in it which makes it even more interesting. Last but not the least, it has bluetooth enabled speakers which allows you to listen to music while riding your 10 inch HOVERBOARD® weight limit.

Hoverboard 10 Comes With Multiple Color

  • 10 Inch Black Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch White Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Blue Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Red Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Gold Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Purple Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Green Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Pink Hoverboard

  • 10 Inch Yellow Hoverboard

Hoverboard Comes With:

  • CE Certified UK Charger
  • High Powered Li-ion Samsung Battery Cells 36V 4.4AH (10 inch HOVERBOARD® samsung battery)
  • Carry Bag
  • User Manual
  • LED lighting
  • 100% safe UK Certified Balance Board by HOVERBOARD®
  • Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh)
  • Quad Shield Technology
  • Control Board: 2 Precision Circuit Boards
  • Maximum Speed: 12KM/H
  • Up to 2 Hours of use per charge
  • Estimated Charge Time: Approximately 2 hours
  • Balance Board Size: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0"
  • Balance Board Weight: 12KG
  • Motor Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
  • Wheel Size: 10" Diameter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • Eco Friendly Green Technology
  • Auto-Balance
  • Built-In Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Fast Charge
  • suitable for children (Above 10 years)