Vanguard Red By HOVERBOARD®

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Product Details

Vanguard Red by HOVERBOARD®

The official Vanguard Red Electric Scooters By HOVERBOARD® is complete with sleek 6.5-inch wheels, which are featured with LED Lighting that change colour as you ride for that extra effect. The Vanguard Electric Scooters by HOVERBOARD® is a sleek and beautifully made electric board by HOVERBOARD® with Bluetooth functionality (Used as a speaker). So, Travel around on this amazing balance scooter by HOVERBOARD® with your music and built-in Bluetooth systems. The Vanguard Electric Scooters By HOVERBOARD® has certified original genuine battery which are completely safe. Built to a rigorous standard with high quality and durable components. When you lean forward, the Hoverboard moves forward; when you lean to the side, the self-balancing board by HOVERBOARD® turns; and when you want to stop, you just stand up straight.
Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before selling. 
This model has now been upgrade with the auto-balance feature. Please note that the HOVERBOARD® logo is not on the board and is only there for image copyright purposes. 
Package Comes With:

CE Certified UK Charger
High Powered Li-ion Samsung Battery Cells 36V 4.4AH
Carry Bag
User Manual

Vanguard by HOVERBOARD®

100% safe UK Certified Balancing Board by HOVERBOARD® that will last up to 2X longer and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations!
Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) - almost double the power! It can be charged over 2000 times!
Quad Shield Technology
Control Board: 2 Precision Circuit Boards
Maximum Speed: 12KM/H
Up to 2 Hours of use per charge
Estimated Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
Balancing Board Size: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0"
Balancing Board Weight: 12KG
Motor Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
Wheel Size: 6.5" Diameter
Short Circuit Protection
Overcurrent Protection
Bluetooth Sound System
Eco Friendly Green Technology

Contact Details

Tel: 0121 288 6446

Rating & Reviews for this product

Wow. I can’t believe my husband bought me one of these for our anniversary. I was super nervous when he first showed it me, then we tried it out together (he held my hands through this nerve wracking experience!). That was nearly 6 months ago now, we have improved our board riding skills and I can ride it without him holding my hands LMAO, and so I am back to buy another board for my niece as she’s always on ours when they’re round. Hope she loves it as much as she loves stealing ours! Thrilling experience.

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  • Minnielilyx

Very fun, very stylish and very futuristic, saw hoverboards online. There’s a reason why these guys come up first on google. A very reliable service and the product was great

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  • Daniel Keegan

Superb product, I have had no issues despite all the talk about these blowing up and what not but if you read into this, the company hoverboard do have all the correct legal documents and what not. It is found here on the website - Check it out. These guys are the real deal! No problems and authentic hoverboard products! Very good guys, genuine company providing a family fun device

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  • Graham Wilkinson

A whirlwind of a Segway! Amazing product with Terrific service to follow

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  • Ronnie Banks

The colour of the red is more like a crimson or maroon colour, just to let everyone know this is not going to be a hot red or a bright red. But other than that, I think the board is very good and the quality alike

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  • Luke

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