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April 4, 2019

Why does a HOVERBOARD® have Bluetooth and how does it work?

Most HOVERBOARD® products of ours do come with Bluetooth functionality. HOVERBOARD® products with Bluetooth have the ability to play music and sounds from your smartphone device. The Bluetooth receiver is connected to speakers which are built within the HOVERBOARD® product.   Unlike most devices which require an activation for the Bluetooth within the product after being initially activated or turned on you do not need to switch the Bluetooth on manually with our HOVERBOARD® products, as soon as you power…

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March 25, 2019

What is a HOVERBOARD®® weight Limit?

So, some questions that have popped up is surely everybody is not suitable to ride or use a HOVERBOARD®, and how much can the HOVERBOARD® withstand? Can someone possibly exceed the weight limit on a HOVERBOARD®? There is a range of questions which surround this topic.   Before we reveal the answer to this, there are some factors you need to consider for both a person and a HOVERBOARD®.  So, HOVERBOARD® products come in Different shapes and sizes. The Drifter…

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March 12, 2019

What is the lifetime of a single HOVERBOARD® and how long does it last?

Durability is a big thing when it comes to gadgets of today, especially with how expensive things are these days such as Game consoles, Televisions, Cars etc… Everything comes with guarantees and warranties.  Here at HOVERBOARD®, we have a year guarantee on all of our HOVERBOARD® products that we sell and with the buying power from our amazing customers we can offer the best and most competitive price on our HOVERBOARD® products.   However back to the main point, typically…

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March 7, 2019

Why do we call them HOVERBOARD® if they don’t hover?

Quite a common question and the answer is really that’s not the official name for them. It is actually a self-balancing scooter or a smart balance wheel. But they are many names for these devices such as Swegway HOVERBOARD®, Segway, self-balance board… They’re are loads and just like that we own the domain to the name HOVERBOARD® and our products are the official HOVERBOARD® products.   But why do we call them HOVERBOARD®? Other then it being the name of…

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March 4, 2019

How has the HOVERBOARD® come into pop culture.

Well, other than paparazzi catching big celebrates on HOVERBOARD®, artists and movies stars such as Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, Lilly Allen, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Chris Brown and loads more… HOVERBOARD® have also become a big part of culture from seeing kids riding them down the streets and in shopping centers to talented individuals using them in music Videos and creating choreography dances using HOVERBOARD® as the main tool of movement. It is absolutely crazy and phenomenal how HOVERBOARD® have…

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March 1, 2019

Where are all our HOVERBOARD® made?

Despite the fact all of our HOVERBOARD® products are certified as complying with the EU safety regulations, and follow all safety regulations that UK products require before being sold to the public, our HOVERBOARD® products are actually made in China. China is the most recognised for developing, well… almost everything, the word “MADE IN CHINA” is found on almost every product made by any company, including HOVERBOARD®, where we have factories of a rapidly growing and developing manufacturing industries create…

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February 25, 2019

Seven reason why you should purchase a HOVERBOARD® Product.

They are many reasons to purchase the latest craze in gadgets on the streets, apart from the sheer awesomeness of these amazing products lets us here at HOVERBOARD® list you the many reasons why you should invest in purchasing a HOVERBOARD® product. Saving the environment… (Or at least doing your bit)  One very big one is that HOVERBOARD® deals products are ran on an electric and battery powered motor, unlike cars and motorbikes where they are running on fuel such…

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February 22, 2019

Can your child use a HOVERBOARD® Product?

Riding a HOVERBOARD®, especially in this day and age of how children from smaller ages of even three or four are picking up how to use smartphones and other gadgets. It is safe for a child to use a HOVERBOARD® with the right Protective equipment on wear to not damage themselves if they are to fall off the board, which with children can be inevitable. However, the recommended age we give for children is 8 and upwards and any age…

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February 21, 2019

Safety equipment for your HOVERBOARD® experience…

We always recommend safety equipment when using any of our HOVERBOARD® products, especially if you are an amateur or new user to HOVERBOARD® products. Fortunately for all our good customers out there we offer PPE for HOVERBOARD® on the website.   The question you may ask before this one is a HOVERBOARD® safe? Yes, they are, all of our HOVERBOARD® are 100% safe UK Certified products that will last up to 2X longer than competitors and it fully complies with…

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February 19, 2019

Can I use my HOVERBOARD® over sand?

It is possible to use your HOVERBOARD® product over sandy terrains without damaging your product? Well, that is a yes, but if you are looking to maintain a certain speed over the rough debris of rocks and grain we would not recommend using products such as the FLY By pink HOVERBOARD® or the Vanguard By HOVERBOARD®. To hit the hard and heavy terrain which can be full of surprises when riding with, we would recommend the brute force and strength…