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How much does the hoverboard Go Kart cost

blog calendar September 20, 2022
We have various different combinations of hoverboard and Karts. As we have different hoverboard which are all priced differently there is no fixed amount which the hoverboard go karts will cost when purchased as part of our bundle deals. For example our most expensive model which is the Drifter with Kart will be more expensive than our lowest priced model which is the Vanguard. We also have 3 different types of go kart / hoverkarts. We have the Classic Kart, Pro Kart and Suspension Kart. These have many different names that are used by other companies such as hummer kart. Occasionally we do promotional deals where we offer bundle deals which is where you can buy the Hoverboard and Go Hoverkart together so that you can save some money.
How much does the hoverboard Go Kart cost
The prices that we have these listed at individually at the moment are the classic kart from £69.99. We also have classic go karts / Hoverkarts which have patterned designs to match the patterned hoverboards. These are starting from £74.99. The Pro Karts that we sell which are also known as hummer karts we have in plain colours which are Black, White, Pink and Blue. These when purchased on their own are £89.99 each. The third go kart variation that we sell is the suspension kart. We sell these in the same colours as the Pro Karts which are Black, Red, White, Blue and Pink. All of our go kart/ Hoverkarts can be used with any of our Hoverboards. So even though the classic go kart is our base model it can be used with our most expensive hoverboard which is the Drifter. 
It works out a lot cheaper to buy the best hoverboard and Kart as a bundle deal which we have in all combinations available on our website. Starting with our entry level hoverboard which is the Vanguard. This can be purchased with a classic go kart/ Hoverkart for £239.99. We can also do the Vanguard with the Pro Kart which is also known as the hummer kart for £259.99. The Suspension kart with Vanguard is available for £269.99. 
Our next model which is the Fly Plus also had bundle deals available. The Fly Plus is exactly the same as the Vanguard but comes in various different patterns and camos. We currently have the Fly Plus with Classic Kart in two separate bundles. We have the Fly Plus Camo Bundle with Classic Kart for £244.99. We also have the Fly Plus with the other patterns such as the Pink Galaxy and Blue Galaxy with Classic Kart / go kart for £249.99. We also have the matching hoverboard available for this for example we have the Pink Galaxy Fly Plus hoverboard with a matching Pink Galaxy Classic Kart which we have available for £254.99. We have the Fly Plus with Pro Kart available for £259.99 and with a suspension kart for £274.99. 
Our 10 inch model which is the Monster also comes in various different patterns and designs similar to the Fly Plus. We have this model available with a Classic Kart for £289.99. This can also be bought with matching Classic Karts for £294.99. The Monster with a Pro Kart is available for £309.99. The Pro Kart only comes in plain colour designs. The Monster with Suspension Kart is available for £319.99.
Our most expensive and flagship model which is the Drifter which has 8.5 inch wheels can also be purchased with a kart for bundle deal prices similar to all of the models. We have the Drifter available with Classic Kart for £299.99. This model also comes in various different colours and patterns and matching karts are available for £304.99. We also offer the Drifter with Pro Kart available for £314.99. We have the Drifter available with suspension kart for £319.99.

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