The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® is a two-wheeled electric and portable device which are known around the world as Self-Balancing scooter or Segways. The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® have two wheels which are powered by a authentic and large lithium-ion batteries (UK CERTIFIED). The segway bundle pink by HOVERBOARD® is simple to work; Simply stand up straight and upright on the HOVERBOARD® product with both feet firmly on the pads, then lean forward to start moving onwards with your red HOVERBOARD® product. To move left and right, simply add more pressure to the direction you want to turn with either your left or right foot depending on the direction you wish to go. The pink Bluetooth swegway products by HOVERBOARD® is super easy to use and efficient.


The kids pink segway by HOVERBOARD® comes in the form of all of our kids segway products (as follows - Fly by HOVERBOARD® / Fly Plus by HOVERBOARD® / Drifter by HOVERBOARD® / Vanguard by HOVERBOARD® / Monster by HOVERBOARD®). Our pink segways here at HOVERBOARD® are all made with a sleek design and the colour gives the HOVERBOARD® products a lot of character. The pink segways are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, with any flat surface being awesome for the kids pink segway to be used on. With the pink segway by HOVERBOARD® you can begin to master the basics of using a pink segway for kids product by HOVERBOARD® with its 6.5 inch wheels and stylish red colour! All of our pink segway for sale are 100% safe UK certified balance board by HOVERBOARD® that will last up to 2X longer and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations! The pink HOVERBOARD® by HOVERBOARD® has an authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) which provides almost double the power to a normal battery cell.


The pink segway for kids by HOVERBOARD® come equipped with built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting (The LED lightings location on the pink segway by HOVERBOARD® can vary depending on your model). The pink segway for kids by HOVERBOARD® balancing scooter has top quality fireproof battery casing, with a battery life that will last journeys. With the fine smooth surfaces of the Electric Board. The kids pink segway by HOVERBOARD® can reach a maximum speed of between 12 KM/H to 15 KM/H (Depending on the model of HOVERBOARD® you are using). The kids pink segway by HOVERBOARD® also comes within its package a User manual and a carry bag for the Hoverboard For Kids product along with a CE certified UK charger equipped with a plug. The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® is supplied under safe and certified laws with official EU trademark holders. At HOVERBOARD®, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, most fun and safest self-balancing scooters on the market with our entire product range being certified as complying with the EU safety regulations.


Other features you will find using the pink segway by HOVERBOARD® are within the HOVERBOARD® products technology and mainframe. The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® has quad shield technology along with two precision circuit boards. The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® also has two 350W silent drive motors allowing your red Off Road Hoverboard product to reach a  top speed while making new noise or spewing out any bad fuels or gasses. The pink segway by HOVERBOARD® has Eco friendly green technology as well as short circuit protection and overcurrent protection.