Fly Plus Pink Camo with Pink Camo Hoverkart

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**XMAS OFFER**PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order Your Order Will Be Delivered By 15th December 2023* * WITH BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS, LED LIGHTS & CARRY BAG .
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    • Hoverkart and Hoverboard Bundle
    • 6.5" Wheel Size
    • CE Certified UK Charger
    • Carry Bag


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Product Details

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order

Your Order Will Be Delivered By 15th December 2023*

Pink Urban Camo Hoverkart Bundle by HOVERBOARD®

The Official Hoverkart bundle by HOVERBOARD® is the ultimate addition to HOVERBOARD® Experience! Converting your HOVERBOARD® to a Go-Kart has never been easier. Within minutes simply attach the Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® to your Self balancing scooter by HOVERBOARD® and off you go! The Hoverkarts by HOVERBOARD® do indeed offer a more comfortable easier balancing ride.The Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® also has a solid plastic seating which can provide comfort as well as support when using the HOVERBOARD®. Another big feature of the amazing Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® design is the sensitive hand-operation leavers which puts you in full control of the balancing board by HOVERBOARD®!

The Hoverkart bundle by HOVERBOARD® by will give you a garneted super smooth ride. The Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® seating has an easy leaver to adjust the frame and seating position, so the Hoverkart bundle by HOVERBOARD® can become suitable for both children and adults, furthermore as well as great functionality the bucket chair style is a race car inspired design. Connect your phone to the built-in bluetooth speakers and cruise around on this model while listening to your favourite music. The perfect add on and gift for any HOVERBOARD® user.
Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® products meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before they are shipped out.
Please note that the HOVERBOARD® logo is not on the board and is only there for image copyright purposes. 
Package Comes With:
  • HoverKart by HOVERBOARD®
  • CE Certified UK Charger
  • High Powered Li-ion Samsung Battery Cells 36V 4.4AH
  • Carry Bag
  • User Manual
  • 100% safe UK Certified Balance Board by HOVERBOARD® that will last up to 2X longer and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations!
  • Authentic Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) - almost double the power! It can be charged over 2000 times!
  • Quad Shield Technology
  • Control Board: 2 Precision Circuit Boards
  • Maximum Speed: Approx 12KM/H
  • Up to 2 Hours of use per charge
  • Estimated Charge Time: Approx 2 hours
  • Balance Board Size: 59cm x 17.5cm x 18.5cm (Approx) 
  • Balance Board Weight: 7.6KG (Approx)
  • Motor Power: 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors
  • Wheel Size: 6.5" Diameter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Eco Friendly Green Technology
  • Auto-Balance
  • Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Please read the manual before use.
  • Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and protective clothing) should be worn.
  • Hoverboards are not waterproof so do not use in wet conditions.

Contact Details

Tel: 0121 288 6446

Rating & Reviews

My daughter wasnt very hesitant when it came to choosing this Hoverboard from santa!

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  • Sally Hayward

Daughter is very very happy with the colour. Brought it to the park last weekend, she had so much. Overall, very good buy.

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  • Tanya Barham

My daughter is excited when the order first arrived and had so much fun with it. She thinks the design looks cooler than the usual ones especially with the LED lights. When charged fully it lasts well for a good session in the street or park.

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  • Hazel Lindley

Our board and hoverkart arrived today and it’s awesome!! My daughter is going to love it, in fact I’m actually very jealous now as I really want it.

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  • S. Stanway

this has to be the best online experience I have had, customer service team did not try and push and sell but simply explain and guide the perfect hoverboard for my son.

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  • Lee k

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