Electric Go Kart

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Electric Go Kart UK

Our electric go karts have been designed to provide the ultimate outdoor fun. Our collection of go karts are also suitable for children aged between 6-15. The go kart has been built to provide thrilling rides with speed limited to ensure safety. The heavy duty wheels on our electric go karts are perfect for both on and electric go kart off road adventures, and keep a good grip on all but the slippiest of surfaces, allowing you to get to grips with driving far ahead of the crowd. Our range of electric go karts are powered using high-capacity rechargeable batteries, which provide plenty of thrills due to a long range before running out of juice. We recommend purchasing safety gear such as helmets and gloves when purchasing these go karts, to keep you as safe as possible.

Electric go kart for sale

Within our range you will find go karts of the highest quality, so you rest assured that safety and performance are guaranteed. Browse our electric go karts now to find the ideal kart for you at great prices. Acceleration is usually better than conventional petrol engine karts and the speed is sufficient for use on most kart circuits. Torque in electric motors are usually greater than that of a petrol engine equivalent. Electric go-karts are low maintenance, requiring only the lead-acid batteries of the karts to be plugged into an array of chargers after each run. Since they are pollution-free and emit no smoke, the racetracks can be indoors in controlled environments. Most fully charged electric karts powered by lead-acid batteries can run a maximum of 30 minutes before performance is affected. An alternative is lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries, which last longer and offer higher performance. Buy the best electric go karts at HOVERBOARD® now at great prices.