Let’s Talk About hoverboard Drifter

Let’s Talk About hoverboard Drifter
The Drifter by Hoverboard… Its big, its bad and it tears through most terrains like a knife through butter. The Drifter by hoverboard is seriously one of the most practical electric boards out in the whole Segway market right now and there is a reason for that.
It’s a 8.5-inch multi terrain beast that can handle terrains such as deep and dry grass, sandy beaches, steep inclines both uphill and downhill up to 20 degrees, bumpy and uneven terrains, smooth surfaces and battered paths.  These are known to be a heavy duty hoverboard and the bigger the board the stronger the board, right? The larger size of this hoverboard means more durable and amazing quality of product. The hoverboard has front and backend LED lighting towards the bottom part of the board which works as a brake light. You can also connect a Bluetooth device to the Drifter by hoverboard for audio with the built in Bluetooth speakers, it is a very smart and functional product.
Furthermore, another addition to the Drifter by best hoverboards as well as the above features, you will find the board is also has a SAMSUNG certified authentic Li-Ion battery giving it double power and allowing the Drifter by hoverboard to last twice as long as a normal battery would for these devices. The Drifter by hoverboard also comes is made up of Quad Shield Technology and Eco Friendly Green Technology and has two control boards / precision circuit boards. It also 2 X 350W Silent Drive Motors. The Drifter by hoverboard goes to a maximum speed of 14KM/H and has an estimated charge time of 2-3 hours for usage of double its charge time.
The Drifter by best hoverboard for beginners comes in a range of styles:
·         Black
·         Blue Urban Camo
·         Green Urban Camo
·         Pink Urban Camo
·         Red Urban Camo
·         Urban Graffiti
·         Black Urban Camo
And we have been known to stock this item in more colours in past such as Royal blue and White.
To conclude, along with all of our products the Drifter by hoverboard is certified and tested before selling and officially meets the applicable safety standards in the UK.

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