What is the lifetime of a single hoverboard and how long does it last?

What is the lifetime of a single hoverboard and how long does it last?
Durability is a big thing when it comes to gadgets of today, especially with how expensive things are these days such as Game consoles, Televisions, Cars etc… Everything comes with guarantees and warranties.  Here at Hoverboard, we have a year guarantee on all of our hoverboard products that we sell and with the buying power from our amazing customers we can offer the best and most competitive price on our hoverboard products.
However back to the main point, typically your hoverboard product should last up to three to four years of use before eventually dying out, but by hen we could recommend you purchase a new one. Some last longer, it is hard to pin an exact estimation on this statement because different people use and treat there hoverboard products differently, some damage them which can severely decrease the life expectancy of a self-balancing scooter such as the hoverboard products we sell online.
As for the battery life within your hoverboard product, each of our products are installed with a SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium Battery which is key to making the hoverboard actually work or use and the charge on this should last you between eight to fifth teen miles per ride if charged to a full battery and to gain a full battery we recommend charging for 3 hours. The battery over time may reduce its capacity which is given and is like anything. It is a natural part of it all, for example check out a smartphones battery when it is brand new compared to when you have had the phone for two years. But another point we always recommend and we imply into our hoverboard products not only to get the most out of you hoverboard product, but to also ensure maximum safety compared to cheaper and lower quality batteries. So we always use SAMSUNG CERTIFIED batteries in our best hoverboard brand products.

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