The safety of hoverboard

The safety of Hoverboards

Hoverboards, Segways, self-balancing boards and scooters, whatever you call them they are going nowhere Last year, these extraordinary pieces of technology were given a mass amount of bad press with reports of them catching fire and blowing up. In addition to this, multiple cities banned them from the pavements and multiple models of the product were recalled. Despite the negative press that the segways have received, a lot has thankfully changed and the hoverboard is now here to stay.

Before you understand the safety of the Hoverboard, it is important to know what a hoverboard is so that you can then properly understand the components and mechanics of them. A hoverboard is a two wheeled device that is used very much like a segway just without the handles. They work via leaning forwards, backwards and sideways in the direction of your choice and you can also control the speed via your feet. They are a fun, alternative method of transport and because of this, the popularity of the products has soared in recent years.

Due to the increased popularity of hoverboard the safety on these machines has had to be improved in order to stop the bad publicity that the products have been receiving. These bad reports were caused by faulty electronics and/or batteries. Here at Hoverboards, we ensure that every single one of our products is EU safety regulation certified making them safe for use every and every time you purchase from us. Our boards are composed of the highest quality components ensuring that the products NEVER catch fire or explode as some news stations have reported.

In addition to this, the high quality components that are used within the products ensure that each item in our range has a minimum one year guarantee, making it a long lasting, fun, safe and cost-efficient product for all.

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