Safety Equipment For Your hoverboard Experience

Safety Equipment For Your hoverboard Experience
We always recommend safety equipment when using any of our hoverboard products, especially if you are an amateur or new user to hoverboard products. Fortunately for all our good customers out there we offer PPE for hoverboard on the website.
The question you may ask before this one is a hoverboard safe? Yes, they are, all of our hoverboard are 100% safe UK Certified products that will last up to 2X longer than competitors and it fully complies with all UK safety regulations. We recommend safety equipment to the element of falling off, of course you may have a few bumps and crashes when getting the new Swegway Hoverboard product, especially if you have never ridden one before but to get the momentum flowing and using one of these products is just as easy as learning to ride a bike or skateboard.  We provide the PPE for our hoverboard users such as arm pads, knee pads, gloves and the most important being a Protective helmet. The unlikely hood of a user falling off and having a fatal accident is beyond rare but is possible giving the location and what you doing on the Hoverboard.
Each part of the hoverboard PPE has a purpose to protect a chosen part of the body, which is quite obvious but let’s dig deeper into that theory;
  • The helmet protects the head area, preventing damages such as concussion, breaking of the skull, hearing damage and cuts the head area.
  • Knee and Elbow pads focus on more minor damages such as cuts to the skin, tearing of under garments and injury or even breaking of the knee or elbow bones.
  • Gloves protect the hands and fingers from cuts and blemishes if you ever fall, it can be safer using gloves to protect your hand when trying to catch you balance again.
So, have fun but always be safe and that’s today's Motto from the Gold Hoverboard Team!
Ride safe….

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