Looking After Your hoverboard

Looking After Your Hoverboard
A hoverboard is like a bike in the sense that you would still need clean and check up on it. Maintaining such a product is all part of having a Hoverboard. So, here are some ways you can make sure your hoverboard product is well maintained. 
Regularly clean the Boards outer shell (Plastic) and the wheels of the Hoverboard. The Wheels, which are at the base of the hoverboard with a light sponge or cloth which is slightly damp, don’t drench this as the motors for the hoverboard are placed within the wheels of the product. Just remove any excess debris from them and dust that may have got caught up in the wheels when in use. Also, you could use a brush to reach the middles and in between the rims inside the wheels, but make sure the brush is a softer item and not to hard or sharp. It is important to clean the wheels as to much dust and debris could affect the motor, it may also affect the sensors which can lead to losing control of the Hoverboard. Always give the plastic shell a wipe to with a baby wipe or a damp cloth.

Furthermore, another way of maintaining your best hoverboard product is when it dies out of battery which is natural when used on a constant basis, don’t leave it for weeks or months even to sit dead as this can affect the battery. It is better to just give it a charge for a few hours then to arise any issues which may lead in you spending more money on repairs and parts for the hoverboard product. but going back to the previous point, it is important to keep the battery clean too, give it a dust with a dry cloth when taking the battery out, but be sure the battery is unplugged from being powered up before you touch it.
Another way of maintaining your hoverboard is by allowing it to cool down after long periods of use, just like a smartphone where it can overheat after hours of constant use, the hoverboard can do the same. Therefore, after using, let the battery cool down and rest before plugging in to charge. Finally, store your hoverboard in a dry and well-ventilated spot to avoid moisture and damage being caused to the hoverboard when not in use.

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