How has the hoverboard come into pop culture.

How has the hoverboard come into pop culture.
Well, other than paparazzi catching big celebrates on Hoverboards, artists and movies stars such as Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, Lilly Allen, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Chris Brown and loads more…

Hoverboards have also become a big part of culture from seeing kids riding them down the streets and in shopping centers to talented individuals using them in music Videos and creating choreography dances using hoverboard as the main tool of movement. It is absolutely crazy and phenomenal how Hoverboards uk have crept into pop culture and immediately blown up… (Not Literally).

Along the years people have also sent videos to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sharing videos of them selves or other people using hoverboard in many ways including performing tricks, learning to ride a hoverboard and even funny hoverboard fails with numerous occasions of people falling off the Boards, and let’s be honest, everybody who has used one at some point or another has fallen off the Hoverboard. The good people and hoverboard customers are having too much fun incorporating music into their hoverboard videos. These gadgets and similar vehicles have invaded pop culture and there is no end in sight.

A perfect example of how music and hoverboard has made a perfect collaboration is in a British artist named JME music video called TEST ME featuring others using hoverboard products along with him in a warehouse JME and a group called the Sidemen which is locally known for KSI who’s I one of Britain’s biggest Youtubers. The video has over four and a half million views. It’s a pretty big promotion and compromise for sales in the UK for best hoverboard seller products.
Even in America artists such as Young Thug who had a featured scene riding a hoverboard in a basket ball court and Famous dex who actually named his song hoverboard rapping about life on a hoverboard along with money and women…

Many other users have also insourced hoverboard products into their dances and routines to add effect or sometimes even to promote segway hoverboard for sale

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