VOTED BEST BOARDS BY TECH ADVISOR Featured in National Press Featured in National Press

Vanguard Feature

One of our most popular Balance Board’s by HOVERBOARD® that we sell, the Vanguard was featured in an article by the The Standard and this is what they had to say about it:

Our Eco-Friendly Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD® are all designed the same internally. This makes all our Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD® extremely safe while maintaining a very fun ride. The clean air emitted from the dual motor Balance Board by HOVERBOARD® has been tested to confirm they contain nothing harmful. The Samsung cells provide a long lasting ride. The CE tested charger also comes with Fast Charging technology to ensure that the Balance board by HOVERBOARD® is ready to go as soon as possible. The Balance Board by HOVERBOARD® can all be purchased with Kart attachments which turn the Board into a Hoverkart in a matter of 30 seconds. This of course increases the endless amount of great time to be had on the product.
How can Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD® reduce your Carbon Footprint?
More than 40% of journeys under 2 miles are made by Cars. Balance Boards by HOVERBOARD® have a battery that will last around 7 miles, this reduce’s your carbon footprint massively. The boards have zero emissions so are one of the eco-friendliest forms of transport. Balance Board by HOVERBOARD® therefore saves you money as there is no need to top it up with petrol as it simply requires a charge using a normal power supply.

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