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hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter Vs Skateboard

Hoverboards and Electric Scooters are fairly modernised forms of transportation whereas skateboards have been around for years. However, each of their forms of transportation has its own benefits and disadvantages to them which we can help go through with you.

Hoverboards Comparison With Electric Scooter and Skateboard

Hoverboard Advantages : 
One of the main advantages of hoverboard is that they are really easy to get used to, unlike riding a bike which takes a lot more skill all that is really needed for a hoverboard is balance. With the addition of auto-balance, this makes riding hoverboard a lot easier than they used to be before too. Another advantage of hoverboard is that they are not too expensive either. The lowest price model that we sell is available for just £199.99. hoverboard are also a simple and convenient way of transportation for small journeys, for example, if you are going to a local corner shop or a walk with the dog. They are also fairly efficient too as they are battery powered there is no harmful emissions being created and also they only take around an hour and a half to full charge too.
Hoverboard Disadvantages :
The only real disadvantage of a Hoverboard is that as they are battery powered they have to be charged. This means that you cannot just keep having endless fun on it as you could with a normal bike for example.

Electric Scooters Comparison With hoverboard and Skateboard

Electric Scooter Advantages:
One of the main advantages of an electric scooter is that they are electric items which means there is no cost of fuel so they are just simply charged up and then ready to go. They are also foldable too which makes them really easy to store away and helps save space too. They are also fairly quick too which makes small journeys really effective to use a scooter in order to get you from A to B. They are also a good form of transportation in order to reduce carbon emissions. As they are battery powered they are a lot less harmful to the environment than diesel and petrol cars as an example.
Electric Scooter Disadvantages: 
Similar to hoverboard the main disadvantage of these is that they are battery powered so when the battery is finished you will have to stop and charge it up. This could be a problem if you are on a long journey and find yourself low on battery a long way away from home. Another disadvantage of these is that they are still technically illegal to ride on footpaths as they are not an insured item so for that reason they are deemed illegal on the streets and roads. 

Skateboards Comparison With hoverboard and Electric Scooter

Skateboard Advantages:
The main advantage that skateboards have over hoverboard and Electric scooters is that they are the cheapest form of transport as you can buy Skateboards for about 10% of the price of a Segway Hoverboard or an Electric Scooter. They also do not require any sort of recharge so you can use them for as long as you want.
Skateboard Disadvantages:
One of the main disadvantages of skateboards is that they are extremely difficult to get used to. With hoverboard you can literally learn in 5 minutes how to ride them. Another disadvantage of riding Skateboards is that you actually have to use force to move it, as little force as it is you still have to keep pushing it along the whole time. The speed is also not anywhere near as quick as it is on a hoverboard or an electric scooter either.

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