Can You Take Your hoverboard on an Airplane 2020 ?

Can You Take Your hoverboard on an Airplane 2020 ?
Well, unless the plane you are getting on is your own private jet, then the answer is no. Unfortunately, you cannot take your hoverboard scooter overseas with you, whether that be to take on holiday or for business. So, we recommend you don’t buy one abroad as you won’t be able to bring it home with you.
The reason being for this rule being in placed for most airline companies or major jet services is because your two wheeled Swegway hoverboard is a motorized product with batteries which can be a potential hazard to safety on the plane via interference or the potential risk of causing a fire, even when all our hoverboard are full certified and safety tested. The main issue of bringing your hoverboard via plane is due to the powerful lithium-ion batteries powering hoverboards.
This stands for both trying to take a hoverboard scooter as luggage or a carry-on product. Plus, the weight of your hoverboard on a plane would severely use up a lot of your Kilogram limit when entering the plan, if not all of it.
There have been rumored occasions where baggage security has been quite obliging to the fact and unassembled the hoverboard for people, removed the lithium-ion batteries and disposed along with anything which can deemed harmful within the technology of a hoverboard and have just left more or less the shell of the hoverboard which can perhaps… and this is a very big PERHAPS. Allow a passenger to bring the remains of the hoverboard on the airplane as a empty and ineffective shell. But we at hoverboard would not recommend this either due to the cost of getting this functional and putting back together once you return home. You would probably be better off buying a new one if that was the case.

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