FLash with Kart By HOVERBOARD®

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Product Details

Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD®
The Official Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® is the ultimate addition to HOVERBOARD® Experience! Converting your HOVERBOARD® to a Go-Kart has never been easier. Within minutes simply attach the Hoverkart to your Self balancing scooter by HOVERBOARD® and off you go! The Hoverkarts do indeed offer a more comfortable easier balancing ride. Along with the plastic comfortable seating the kart also comes with a reinforced chassis and shock absorbing suspension, so you can still have fun and perform tricks. Another big feature of the amazing Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® design is the sensitive hand-operation leavers which puts you in full control of the board!
The Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® by will give you a garneted super smooth ride. The Hoverkart by HOVERBOARD® seating has an easy leaver to adjust the frame and seating position, so the kart can become suitable for both children and adults, furthermore as well as great functionality the bucket chair style is a race car inspired design. The perfect add on and gift for any HOVERBOARD® user.
Furthermore, all our HOVERBOARD® products meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before selling.

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Tel: 0121 288 6446

Rating & Reviews for this product

Purchased this for my 11 year old brother. He was so pleased! It's very sturdy and can go for ages on a proper charge He said all his friends want one now:) cheers!

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  • Kayleigh

Originally bought the board alone but then decided to get another with the kart. We love it in our household.

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  • Ryan Dawson

Probably the best one for little children as it isn't too expensive and it's a good size and also has a nice look to it. Not only that but you pay £30 more for the amazing kart add-on (totally worth buying!!) Fantastic.

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  • Katie Rann

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