Why choose Hoverboards

Hoverboards offer an eco-friendly, fun and low cost transport method in an age where getting arou. Our hoverboards are extremely easy to use and do not require you to pay any additional maintenance costs. Additionally, we at Hoverboards have the highest quality and most safe products available on the market with our entire range of products having all of the necessary EU certifications to ensure a safe product and safety for the user. Every single component within our hoverboard products has been crafted to perfection ensuring a long lasting, winning hoverboard at every purchase.


-       We are the ONLY official Hoverboard seller in the UK – be careful of counterfeit sellers

-       We offer a 1 year warranty on all products

-       With our buying power we can offer you the customer amazing products are amazing prices

-       All stock is all based I the UK

-       Repair Centre in the UK if anything needs to be put right

-       Supply Fully Safe and certified Hoverboards

-       UK based customer services department